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Our services include mediations, facilitations, trainings, restorative practices, Behavior Health Ombuds, and Mandatory Co-Parenting Seminar all offered through an interactive online platform. Call the DRC for more information. 360-698-0968

What Can I Expect?

How many of the disputes are resolved? About 70% of mediations conclude with an agreement.

What is necessary in order to mediate?

  • All parties recognize that there is a conflict
  • Parties agree to mediate
  • Parties agree to follow rules of common courtesy
  • Each party must be capable of making a decision and following through with an agreement
  • All parties necessary to make an agreement need to attend the mediation

How do I begin the mediation process? The DRC staff will ask questions about the dispute to help you decide if mediation is appropriate for resolving your case. With your permission, the DRC will contact the other party to listen to their view of the dispute and determine their willingness to participate in mediation.

If all parties agree to participate, the DRC will coordinate a mutually convenient date and time for the mediation.

How can I prepare for mediation?

  • Come prepared to listen to the other parties' concerns
  • Recognize the limitations in a given situation; i.e., time limits, resources, costs, legal limitations
  • Prepare to share all issues involved
  • Understand and prioritize what you want and need
  • Prepare reasonable and legitimate solutions
  • Come ready to satisfy the needs of the other party
  • Seek to understand the interests of the other party and what is at stake

What does mediation cost? Fees vary depending on the type of mediation requested. If more than one session is requested, an additional fee is charged. Please call the Center for a fee quote.

How long does a mediation last? Most mediation sessions take approximately three hours. Depending upon the number and complexity of the issues, more than one session may be needed.

To learn more about the Mediation Process, click here.

Want to know more? Volunteers and staff members will be pleased to talk with you, in confidence, to determine how the DRC can assist with a particular conflict situation. Please return to the link Community Mediation to learn more about mediation.

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